Advertising your New Zealand Personalised Plate for sale on

No other charges or commissions

Two steps are required to add a plate.
 1. SEND AN EMAIL to with the following details:
    The plate NAME,
    Your E-mail address (if different than email address on the email you send me),
    Your phone # - Cell preferrably,
    Up to 20 words about the plate, with the price, or 'offers to', or similar.
    if a Message, Blue or Red plate.etc., 
 2. PAY ME!   $30.00NZ per different plate name. Payment can be made by:
    CHEQUE: Write out to ' and send to;, 1480 Highway 50, R.D.3., Napier. 4183.
    BANK DEPOSIT: Name:  A/c: 06-0701 0280519-00
    DIRECT CREDIT: Same as line above.
    PAYPAL: Pay
    CREDIT CARD: Click on the 'CARD PAYMENT' image below. The card transaction is done through Paypal. Please manually enter the amount of $30.00 for per plate name. The Paypal form may say 'Donations', but this is a 'payment' for a service and not a donation.

Plate details are entered on the website, often within 24 hours (sometimes nearly instantly!).
Plates remain listed on the site until you wish them removed.  Please inform me if details need adjusting or the plate needs removing.

From time to time email all owners who have had plates listed and still remaining on the site for over a number of years. If the persons are uncontactable the plates are removed. I use the contact details given on the website. When you receive an email, please at least acknowledge that you have received it.