TO ADD A PLATE there is a charge of $30.00NZ per name (normally two plates each having the same name).  More details HERE
Contact the seller of a listed plate from the details given alongside the plate name (PLATES to F  PLATES G to N  PLATES O to Z).  Dealings are direct with the seller, and when informed of the sale I remove the listing without any extra cost to buyer or seller. There are no success fees or commissions.  You do not have to log-on or register with passwords.
To confirm the owner of a plate before purchasing there are several options.  One that applies to plates already registered to a vehicle, is to contact NZ Post, and for a few dollars they should provide you details of who the plate is registered to.  Most owners will also have the ownership documentation of the relating to the plate name concerned.

If the price that is listed is too high for you, then still contact the person if you are interested, as in my opinion prices asked are sometimes ridiculously high, and the seller must come at some stage to realise it.  Alternatively, there are plates listed that are very reasonably priced, or that seem well under priced.

Many plates have sold through the website without (to my knowledge) anything serious going wrong. Although I can not personally guarantee a seller (or buyer), I can say that the sellers contact and payment details were legitimate at the time of entering the plates. I think that once you contact the seller you will soon sense where things are at.

There is an SALE AGREEMENT FORM that both parties should sign. Buyer and seller should keep a copy, and the buyer should ensure that a copy should be sent (faxed is OK) to 'Licensys' at 09 276 9829, and they keep a record in their database. The original papers (and plates if in existance - or de-registered) can be sent to the new owner.  If physical plates are not available for the new owner, follow the re-manufacturing instructions below. 
To transfer the plates to the new owners vehicle, replace the personalised plates on the sellers vehicle with new personalised, or standard issue plates at your Automobile Association or Vehicle Testing Station. The new owner can also change the old to new at the same places.
TO HAVE PLATES RE-MANUFACTURED the cost (Dec 2009) is $21 for the Standard Style, or $32.50 for a Picture, Red , Euro, Message plate.  This is handled through LicenSys, (0800 REMAKE - 0800 736 253) - the relevant form is on their website HERE.
It takes 7 to 10 working days to receive a Standard plate, and 15 days for other types of plate.
IS YOUR LISTED PLATE MISSING FROM THE SITE?  Any owners of plates listed whose phone or email details are no longer valid when I do periodic checks about every 2 years, including if there is no response from you, your plate will be removed from the website! Let me know if you want it re-listed.
This website is a privately owned, run-from-home site which began in 1998. It is designed to be simple and offer a suitable service without any recurring fees for re-listing, as occurs often on other sites.


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